GDStudioz is an entity being run efficiently and managed by young, energetic, vibrant and creative heads, hearts and hands that are genuinely committed and dedicated to the efficiency of great productivity with customer’s satisfaction ruling the entire process and procedures of our productions without exception.

The irresistible dynamism of our team members from the guild of creative script writers, to the magic fingers as Sound/Production Engineers on qualitative audiovisual productions, the gifted voiceover personnel on hands and more, absolutely sets our integrity on an outstanding and unshakable base to trust without doubts.

This is who we are at GDStudioz and precisely how we strategically work together as a unified team with no subordinate on board, but everyone herein is a boss solely responsible for the success of every single and simple task that makes us the grand winning team.

A team of great collaborators we are, in one accord, and blessed is the humble heart of ‘TGSSB’ our team head. God Bless Team GDStudioz, God Bless SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED.

Oloruntoyin Ademolagdstudioz

Manager of Operations [Voiceover Artiste]


Sulaimon Salman Bamidelegdstudioz

Producer/Creative Writer/Voiceover Artiste


Oluwatomisin Adeyefagdstudioz

Voiceover Artiste/Content Developer


Joy Akinlolugdstudioz

Business Consultant/Content Developer